Fairfield & New Haven County Territory Owner

Our mission is to help small businesses in the local community thrive and prosper. 

Meet Veronica Sommer

Veronica is the Founder of The Kindness Solution, a holistic coaching practice that empowers people to look at every aspect of their lives through the lens of kindness, starting with themselves. She teaches principles of positive mindset, peak performance, self-discovery, conscious living, authentic self-expression, advocacy, and creating true health and vitality from the inside out.   


Veronica is a Mindset Coach who works with small business owners on rewiring their mindset so they can transform areas of their business they have been stuck by identifying and eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors, so they can be the very best version of themselves and unlock their full potential. She has owned or led local small businesses for two and a half decades, running a highly reputable search firm for 16 years in Fairfield, with 23 years of sales, recruiting, and coaching experience overall. She has worked in corporate, run own business for 16 years, and most recently worked in an Executive Leadership role at a cyber security search and software company before going back to being an entrepreneur to be a Coach and run the National Association of Small Businesses territories for Fairfield and New Haven Counties so she can help businesses in her local business not just survive, but thrive.

Veronica graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications and received her Certification of Health & Life Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has invested tens of thousands of dollars on coaching herself because she believes in constant and never-ending improvement and is committed to being her best at home, work, and in her community. She loves sharing strategies that have helped her work both on her business, as well as in her business and has a wealth of resources that combine personal power and leadership to help her clients create self-awareness, accountability, increased motivation, and increased efficiency and profits.

She currently sits on the Board for a growing nonprofit, Children’s Voice International, that helps child survivors of human trafficking attend college so they have a pathway to empowerment and opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Veronica has a 15 year old son and an 11 year old daughter and lives in Fairfield, where she is passionate about sharing the businesses that she and her family eat, play, and shop!

You can learn more about The Kindness Solution at www.veronicasommer.com.

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